Monday, October 16, 2006

Warming up for Blogger Bingo!

I just got my card for Blogger Bingo and if anything it has made me more excited to go to Rhinebeck than I was before. And I was pretty excited before! I have just 20 more rows to go on the giant Vogue scarf, and will post a picture of it in its finished state to help those who are looking for me for their own cards.

The Kid is anxious to play too - she LOVED Rhinebeck last year, even more than I expected her to, and the game is just another fun thing to do for her.

In looking over my card, I see several bloggers that I read, but only one I have met in real life (Hi Amy! ) So I can't wait to put some faces to some blogs. Of course, I forgot to order any "I'm a square" merch so I will have to get creative with the artwork some time before Sunday.

Thanks for all the well wishes after the accident. To add insult to injury (or more specifically injury to insult) I took a tumble down the basement stairs on Friday and whacked the hell out of my knee. But it, and the car, are recovering nicely. Apparently my van doesn't like the rain - it drives just fine in clear weather. Apparently the van has a burning desire to visit the scrap heap, because as soon as my next chunk of book advance money gets here, that is just where it is going.

Visited my mother this weekend on the occasion of her 86th birthday, and she has decided she wants to start knitting again. I get to go choose some goodies for her later today - I can't wait - yarn shopping without guilt because it isn't for me!

And speaking of my mother - the Kid got her this for her birthday.

It is a little bitty stuffed dog that's little belly goes up and down like it is breathing. I wasn't sure this was the best gift in the world for my mother, who loves my Cinderella but doesn't want the responsibility of a dog of her own, but the Kid said she would love it, and as usual the Kid was right. Mother says her new friend can keep her company on days when she is alone in the house. And she doesn't have to walk it or take it to the vet. Score one for the Kid.

Back to book-land today, thankfully no magazine article deadlines til next week so I can piddle around on other projects.

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~drew emborsky~ said...

Glad you are feeling better! Have fun piddling! ;)