Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Back to the real world...Sigh...

Blogger seems to have lost its mind and my photos are all over the place, but at least they uploaded, so I suppose there is something to be thankful for!

Back to real world after Rhinebeck, and frankly I would rather be hanging out in Rhinebeck. But I can always dream of next year. God willing and the creek don't rise, my knitting book will be on the shelves by then, and I would love to do a book signing there. We got to see Stitchy and get a signed copy of her book, which is really funny.

I know I sound like a pimp for Crippen Works, but because I sew I am such a snot about sewing, and I just really love their work. So the very first thing I bought that day was one of their needle cases - this time for my DPNS and crochet hooks. Next time, a case for my circs!

Here is the luscious sock yarn I bought, from Ellen's Half Pint Farm I wanted it because it is SO not my usual sock colorway. And we all know sock yarn doesn't count so far as stash enhancement goes. And actually because I fondled some of this at last year's Rhinebeck and didn't have enough budget left to pay for it - so it was on the must-have list for this year.

Here is the kid's first purchase. We have been experimenting with food coloring and Kool Aid and she thinks she is ready for the hard stuff. She is going to dye some of the white silk hankies I have laying around - we watched a very interesting demo about that in one of the buildings. Next to the dyes, because I can't seem to get this photo to go anywhere else, is a Kumihimo Disc. I got this one from Oak Grove Studio, so it came with a selection of some of their gorgeous hand dyed ribbons. I braided my little heart out and already got a pretty silver clasp, so as soon as I find the perfect pendant, that is going to be a necklace for me me me. Middle sister is hinting that she would like one of these for Christmas so that's some Christmas shopping done. And I am already going through the stash and digging out various bits of yarns that I think would look good braided. I think I may make a lot of those necklaces for Christmas gifts - it really is a quick project and I have to think of something to top all the knitted washcloths I gave out last year.

I am dying to show you guys the crocheted sweater I did for the yarn company, but I haven't seen it in the wild yet so I am not sure I can blog about it yet. You can, however, read some of my wackier musings about crocheting vs. knitting in the current issue of Better Homes and Gardens Simply Creative Crochet. That piece was a lot of fun to write, and I love the illustration they included. I saw it in the grocery store today, and have heard it is in Barnes and Noble. When you are finished reading pages 12 and 13, check out the patterns - there are some nice ones

Cameron T. Bunny is hoppy and well, and I am $60 poorer after a trip to Petco for food and bedding and chewies and nail clippers for him. He better turn out to make good yarn because that's my yarn budget he is dipping into.

Back to work - I have a piece on vintage textiles due this week, and next week a column piece for Yarn Market News And of course books to work on and swatches to swatch and....I am wearing myself out just thinking about it - I want to go back to Rhinebeck!


Spinneret said...

HA! and again I say, HA! That's the DPK case I was oggling Saturday but opted for another. I recognize the button/print combo. Cameron is a fine looking fellow. Congratulations. Even Kenn admits to nearly caving on the bunny front. But his kids didn't ask at the right time. Imagine his (and Sue's) relief. Timing is everything in life.

Spinneret said...

It is SO NOT 4:15 am. Has Blogger gone to Slobovia?

~drew emborsky~ said...

The sock yarn is deeelish!

(I had to abandon Blogger...I just couldn't take it anymore)