Friday, September 22, 2006

Three down and a monkey picture!

I finally finished sweater number three - and it took me almost all of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD (including bonus features) to do it! But I was so close to deadline I forgot to take a photo - I wove in the last end, stuffed it in the box and ran to the post office to get it off in time. The book it is going into comes out in April so you will just have to wait until then. One sweater to go, and it is halfway finished.
I decided to distract you from the lack of knitting and crocheting photos by showing you the cutest balloon construction I ever did see! Is that thing amazing or what? It takes up more than half of the width of my sofa! A tropical setting with a rainbow and a monkey in a palm tree. The Kid was delighted with this - we stopped at a local burger emporium on our way home from the 975th step dancing class of the week and they just happened to have this cool balloon dude on the payroll for the night. He wouldn't even take a tip! I know sadness will abound when it pops, but it is fun in the meantime.
The yarn fairy came. As much as I have been cussing about getting all of these samples done because they were all due at about the same time, I LOVE getting new yarn to fondle as soon as it is available. Not loving everything I get, but, hey, yarn comes in boxes to my door without warning! What could be bad?

My noon appointment today cancelled,amen - I was SO not ready for it and was really going to have to tap dance so they wouldn't know I was no farther along on the book project than I was the last time I went to the office. Now I have until Monday to get some actual work done and to fake the rest. If I can keep up the current not sleeping pace for one more week I have an actual chance to get caught up with my whole life in October. Wish me luck!

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Spinneret said...

Luck. But I have a bone to pick with you. What do you mean, you're only going to Rhinebeck on Sunday, you RLB? How on earth am I to cover the kid in piles of yarn (if she'll still sit for that kind of behavior)? I'm only going up Saturday. We should have coordinated.