Monday, September 11, 2006

Not dead, just busy

Last week I got a phone call asking if I could help out with alterations for a fashion shoot for a magazine. A few hours of fittings turned into three days of location madness, so my whole week was shot to hell. Part of it turned out to be fun though, I get a demonic pleasure out of hacking a one-of-a-kind trillion dollar designer garment into pieces and then putting back together so the PR department doesn't know I did it. Tee hee appeals to the sneakier side of me. And of course the monster check won't be turned away when it arrives - additions to the yarn budget are always welcome.

The Kid has entered into dance hell - she is going to be on a ceili team for the regional step dancing finals in November (the Oireachtas for those of you of the Irish dance persuasion who are following along at home) and will pretty much be dancing and doing homework (and nothing else) for the next three months. Which means I will be pretty much me driving and writing checks (and nothing else) for the next three months...

Three crocheted tops to finish by next week -cluster deadlines suck.

Be well, all...

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