Monday, September 04, 2006

I felt the need for speed...

Subtitle: Greetings from Chez Short Attention Span... Behold Cinderella in all her princessly glory. And before anyone asks, I did not deliberately buy my dog a pink satin, maribou-trimmed dog bed. The Kid saved up her money and bought it from Build A Bear Workshop (a crack house for ten-year-old girls) intending it for her stuffed cats and dogs. Cinderella immediately decided this was much more suited to her personality than the black/tapestry bed I had gotten her several years ago, so she took it. And refuses to give it back. So it's hers now - because she is, after all, the princess.

Oh - you wanted to see knitting on the knitting blog? This is what I did this weekend, modeled of course by the fabulous BB.

We had the post-storm rain here all day Saturday, and it was cold as heck for this time of year. And yes, I was the person complaining about the heat a few weeks back so I kept my mouth shut and raided the stash. I wanted to do nothing but sit and knit during the gloomy day, but I also had a serious instant gratification jones happening, so off we go...
The mittens (yes there are two and they are not mis-shapen - I am not much of a photographer!), are the Super Mitten pattern from Weekend Knitting. Made in the child's size with 2 strands of Possum Worsted (still working through the Cherry Tree Hill grab bag stash) in Teal and Plum (or is it Eggplant?) on size 10.5 needles. They were a very quick knit and will go into the finished item box for Dulaan. I keep hearing how warm possum is - so Mongolia seems like the place it needs to be.

The two caps - one knitted and one crocheted - are for the
Knitters and Crocheters for Newborns: Caps to the Capital project. Yarn is an Unidentified Stash Dweller, patterns are from their web site, and goodness they are tiny! They want the head circumference to be between 9" and 11" because the caps are going to developing nations where smaller babies are being born. The project is being sponsored in part by Save the Children and Warm Up America, and is a huge undertaking.

Save the Children's "State of the World's Mothers, 2006" report said that one of the things that could lower infant mortality rates around the world was a simple thing like a warm cap to cover an infant's head after it was born. And all you have to do is tell a knitter or a crocheter that somebody somewhere needs warm head gear and the rest is history. I intend to do a few more out of stash yarn before the deadline (which is 1/2/07).

Speaking of URLs - All Info About Knitting has moved to its new home. Check it out
here. There are a few missing images that I know about, but if you see anything else hateful, or have any other constructive criticism, come back here and give me a shout-out please. Some new book and product reviews coming up soon, there is a stack of stuff here that needs to be looked over.

For all of you commenters on the previous post - yes that is Sugar 'n Cream (can't fool you, Trek) , and the editor did indeed choose the middle colorway ( a new one called Over the Rainbow.)

Apparently I have enough attention span for a really long blog post - thanks for sticking with me this far!

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Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Cute--I want to do a few of those hats too... I seem to have project ADD these days...