Friday, August 11, 2006


I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week - it has been hectic to say the least.
The bad news = no pix today. The good news? Keep reading...

Last Sunday, the kid had a feis. She took one third place trophy in hornpipe, but was disappointed she didn't place higher in anything else. But she has another event this weekend and next weekend, so here's hoping.

Tuesday we hit the New Jersey State Fair where I had a lovely birthday dinner of a corndog washed down by a root beer float. Diet? What diet? I am glossing over the whole 'being a year older' part of the birthday and basking in the greasy glow of fair food instead.

Finished up some interviews for a log home article, delivered some photos for a home tour piece, la la la piddling around not getting much done then BAM - hammered with good news that will shortly turn into monster deadline pressure.

I am delighted to report that my knitting book, titled (this week - it keeps changing) Knitting is Better Than Therapy, has been purchased by Andrews McMeel. They intend to release it in the fall of '07, which means I had better hustle my butt and actually write the rest of the thing. Being funny under deadline pressure - Hmmmmmm maybe not as easy as it looked when I said "Of course I can finish it by January!" But I am so happy about this - can't wipe the smile off my face.

More scary good news? DRG emailed and said they would like to purchase two more of my crochet designs for an upcoming book. Oh, and could I have them ready in September? Great, but did I know I have to sub out the yarns? Hmmmmmmm again - now I can't use anything I swatched and have to start over with yarn selection - darn. Luckily they want the samples in sizes small and medium so maybe it won't take me as long as I think it might.

It is going to be a very busy fall at Chez Alpaca Addict - wish me luck!


aija said...

Congrats on the book being picked up and the new upcoming patterns, good luck!!

trek said...

Yo, congrats MBT.
Let me know if you need any test knitting help. I can do crochet, too.

Kim Werker said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations. :)

Kelly said...

How exciting, congradulations on the book being picked up! I can't wait to read it ;).