Friday, August 25, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation

The letter sweater - finito! Tahki Cotton Classic in six colors, pattern by Joann Turcotte for Plymouth Yarns. I love it and it is perfect for its intended recipient (my lit agent's soon to be born child), but I have to say - OY the finishing! SO MANY ENDS!!!!! I think it took me longer to finish it than to knit it. If I did it again I would knit the back and the two fronts as one piece on a circular needle, then split at the bottom of the armholes.
Rosie Toes wanted to be on the blog, so she mercilously elbowed BB right out of the way... I am sure it would look much cuter on her if her arms were longer than 4" but oh well. BB couldn't have gotten her paws in it in the first place, and we must needs keep peace amongst the bears. The bottom button is a purple F - hard to see, but way cute.

I also got the crocheted bag finished for Crochet! magazine. I just need to pop in the lining, which I couldn't do at the beach without my sewing machine. And I also cast on the Regia Bamboo sock yarn I snagged at King of Prussia. Using a pattern that I can't currently remember the name of from Sensational Knitted Socks. I didn't get too much done as I was going to finish the letter sweater or die trying (agent is due momentarily), and that took forever. But the yarn is a delight to work with, so I am sure I will get back to them soon.

After the umpteen loads of laundry, 9 kajillion emails to answer, contracts to sign, swatches to mail, sketches to scan, cars to unload, dog to pet because she is well and truly pissed off that we went on vacation without her.... Why do any of us go on vacation? The week itself was lovely but planning for it and recovering from it are sheer hell.

Happy tenth birthday to the kid this weekend - party on Sunday (with many relatives and small children dropping by - yikes!), actual birthday on Monday. I am sure hilarity will ensue, should I live through the weekend.

I wish I were back at the beach...


spinneret said...

Well, welcome home. Let the Festivities begin. Dang cute sweater. And Done is Perfect.
Happy Birthday to the kid. There any yarn shops at that beach?

aija said...

Good luck with the birthday bash! :) (The sweater is great!)

Zonda said...

Very colorful sweater and I love the buttons! Great job! :)

Batty said...

That's such a cute sweater! The alphabet buttons add a special touch to it, it's adorable!