Monday, August 14, 2006

Vulcans Never Bluff...

The wee letter sweater is coming right along, although I discovered to my chagrin that I hadn't made the neckband decreases evenly on the two fronts, so had to frog one and re-knit it to make them match. All that's left is the seaming and the button bands. Baby's due date is not for three weeks so I may just make it.

The kid and I went to visit middle sister in Delaware this weekend. There was a feis on Sunday for the kid so that day was shot, but on Saturday they planned to have some auntie/neice bonding time. I had a small mountain of crochet swatches due today, so I bid them farewell and settled myself in front of the tv with a pile of yarn, my sketch book, an icy cold seltzer, and the remote. I was looking for something to keep me amused while at the same time not require enough attention that my crocheting would slow down, when low and behold I found a Star Trek marathon. The original series, not any of the spin-offs. I was so tickled - I had gone through a phase in college when I watched the re-runs all the time, but haven't sat through an entire episode since then.

I got to hear all the oldies but goodies - "Scottie, we need more power!", "Jim, I'm a doctor, not a geologist!" (or fill in the blank with the profession of your choice), but the thing that made me crack up was Leonard Nimoy with suitable gravitas intoning to the overwrought Commodore that was trying to take over the bridge of the Enterprise "Vulcans never bluff." I don't know why that made me laugh so hard, but it did. Nothing like laughing out loud like an idiot at a tv show when you are alone in the room.

The kid did not have a good day in dance-land so no trophies there, but she did cop a first place in the art category, and she was quite pleased about that. She is going to stay with the family until Wednesday while I frantically try and get some writing done and some projects organized. Just sent off all the swatches so it's back to log homes and soapstone for me.


aija said...

What a great color combo!! I love styling baby knitwear :)

trek said...

Nothing wrong with laughing out loud by yourself.

Stay inside today - looks like we're going to ahve a really icky one.