Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's exhausting growing hair...

Just ask Cinderella - who is shown here in all her ladylike glory.

Can you stand one more bloggy paragraph about how stinking hot it is? I thought not, so I will try and restrain myself.

I did manage to get a 1200 word article delivered today, which will make the editor happy because it was a little...um...late. Also color corrected the photos to go with the story and submitted a crochet design which was also a little...um...late.

Now I am planning to go lay in the bathtub until tomorrow night when the weather is supposed to break. I may be pruney (and perhaps a bit hungry), but I won't be sweating either.

Stay cool, all.


Michelle said...

I'd like to join you in hiding from the heat.. Why did I ever move back here???? :P~

trek said...

We played in the kiddie pool at 9:30 this morning because it is going to be way too hot to sit in the sun later.

spinneret said...

GUess who gets to work on location tomorrow? Exteriors. Pray for rain for me wouldja?