Friday, August 04, 2006

Heat =bad, Knitting Cotton Baby Things = good

This is about the only productive thing I have gotten done in the last 48 hours.

It is the back of a baby cardigan, done in Cotton Classic in six bright colors. It is going to have buttons in the first six letters of the alphabet, which considering this is a gift for my literary agent, I think is pretty darn clever.

Sadly, I don't want to do anything else. I just want to sit in from of the air conditioner, watch reruns of Ballykissangel (I am up to series four - does anyone else like this late 90s BBC show or am I the only knitter on the planet who was addicted?), and knit this little bitty sweater.

Yes, I know weaving in 900 cotton ends will be a pain in the rear, but I couldn't resist the pattern - it is so instant gratification! It's little, and you change colors every 8 rows - who could get bored? And those of you with sharp eyes who were at King of Prussia might recognize the green and yellow as leftovers from The Daisy Shawl, so I am being thrifty too!

I am pretty sure my agent does not read the blog, but if you are browsing, Kate - Surprise! She doesn't live in the same state as me anyway so will be getting the competed sweater via mail, thus saving her having to look surprised (or even pleased if it comes to that) if she isn't.

Instead of having a race between the sweater and the birth, like The Yarn Harlot does, we are having a race between the completed negotiations for the contract for my next book and the birth. I am really hoping that the book contract is finished first, but who knows what will happen? Baby Agent will come whenever Baby Agent is ready, and we all know publishing slows down in the summer.

I am also working on the sample for the crocheted bag that will be in Crochet! magazine next summer. It isn't due until November, but a more experienced and much wiser designer gave me this little tip via email this week - Murphy's Law for Designers says that it doesn't really matter when you submit the designs for review - if they are sold they will still all wind up being due at about the same time. So her point was that the best thing I could do since this piece is definitely sold is to get the sample done and the pattern edited and get it off of my desk and on to someone else's pronto. I bow to her wisdom.

I want to go watch Disc 2 of Season 4 - so I am off...

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trek said...

The heat isn't quite as bad here today, is it? 'Course, we've been inside sick all day, so how would I know?