Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy swatches!

This is what I crocheted on Sunday night. No, I have not lost my mind and will not be putting all of those colors in the same project, I promise! But I was looking for one bright colorway for a (I'd tell you but then I 'd have to kill you) that I sold to a book coming out next spring, and I decided to make one long swatch instead of a millions small ones. As usual, I wanted one colorway and the editor wanted a different one (she won!), but no big deal. The swatch itself has migrated to the Kid's room where is has become one of several rugs/blankets for the stuffed animal collection. But I thought a bright picture like this would be a happy addition to blog-land.

The other three swatches I had flitting around for review just got rejected, but I am not that upset about it. I sold the first 6 patterns I ever sketched, so it was my turn for the "thanks but no thanks" letter. If those three had sold too, I would have had way too much crocheting to do in a limited amount of time, and while I am thrilled with the sales I still make my living writing so have a bunch of that to do too.

Happily, I got the letter sweater in the mail just in time to greet its owner. And my agent, bless her, has been sending out emails like "I had a baby Saturday night which is why I am slow in responding, but about page 6, paragraph 12, subsection A..." I could barely speak English after I had the Kid, so I am very impressed this woman is actually running her business (even if only for fifteen minutes a day) the same week she gave birth! And thankfully, all of those contract changes have been worked out now, so we just have to sign the paperwork and I have to get writing.

Speaking of writing, the summer publishing lull seems to be over with a vengeance. I had several assignments land in my inbox yesterday (amen!) while I was toodling around The Cloisters with some out-of-town relatives that are visiting. One was from a magazine I have been trying to break into all summer, so I was happy to see it, despite the fact that it is going to be somewhat of a rush job. Thank goodness school for the Kid starts next Tuesday - I can't wait, although she is wishing she never had to go back - it cuts into her social life too much!

Back to work...


trek said...

Looks like a Sugar n Cream ombre explosion there? ;o)

And, yes, the kid really did fall asleep there.

spinneret said...

posting at 5:38 am? Whatarya, workin' on a movie? Congrats on the end of summer lull. It hit here too, but in short term solutions. Then to OK to portraitize.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I like the middle one!