Thursday, August 17, 2006

Greetings from Bella

This is Bella. Bella scares me. Why? Because she is a great big horse that is ridden by my bitty little daughter. I try not to think about Christopher Reeves, or that if she goes splat off the back of this beast she could break something important.

A few weeks ago, the camp called to tell me that a different horse had stepped on the kid's foot. When I expressed dismay (it is feis season and I had just paid a jillion dollars for summer dance classes) they said indignantly "It was just a little horse". As if a horse wasn't still going to squish her little foot like a bug because it was 800 pounds instead of 1000 pounds. Thankfully she had her boots on (like she was supposed to) and her big toe swelled up a whole lot, but didn't break. And she can get her dance shoes on again now....but still...

So this is Bella. I went to meet her last week hoping I would be less nervous about the whole riding thing if I met her allegedly angelic self. It didn't work. She is beautiful, she is well behaved, she likes my kid a whole lot, and she still scares me.

Other than that - I am off tomorrow on vacation. So there won't be any blog posts for a week. But at least this time it won't be because I forgot, it will be because I am staying in the beach hotel that time forgot. I don't think it has been remodeled since the 1960s, but we like it there, and it is affordable (and has a pool). The kid has a feis on Sunday in scenic Atlantic City. I will try to remember to take a photo of the bronze statue of Bert Parks (I do not lie, it is there in all its cheesy glory). I can't be bothered deciding what clothes we need to pack, but I have been thinking all day about what yarn should go. I am thinking the bamboo sock yarn that has been calling my name since I bought it, and the letter sweater to finish, and some crochet swatches that need to be done....... who needs clothes or sunscreen?

See you next week...

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trek said...

Try nit to stress over the size of the horse. They think you are bigger than they are (has to do with their eyes). I learned to ride at 3 from my grandfather who was a trainer.