Monday, July 10, 2006

No clever titles today...

So, I finally got my dryer fixed, after two weeks of hanging everything out to dry, listening to the kid complain that the towels were stiff, and ducking the concurrent rain. So right before I take the kid and a neighborhood friend of hers out for lunch, I throw one of the jillion loads of laundry into the washer.

We go shopping, we have lunch, a grand time is had by all.

When I get home two and a half hours later, I wonder why it sounds like the washer is still running. I quickly discover that the washer is NOT still running, but it had walked backwards (I accidentally threw a cotton blanket in with a load of sheets and the load must have become unbalanced, and commited washing machine suicide by slitting its wrist (the cold water hose. So after wading through the 4" of water I shut off the water pipe, and tried to figure out why the sump pump wasn't working. The bed news was, it wasn't plugged in. The good news was - it wasn't plugged in and I could fix that. So Saturday was a day about mopping up, and I didn't get a darn thing done, including the rest of the laundry!

On a brighter note, I am almost ready for the Knit and Crochet Show this weekend. I have decided to act on my designer-wannabe desires, and at the last possible second, entered a shawl I have designed into the fashion show to be held on Saturday night. Which means I really should finish it... and I sort of don't love it yet. But hell, I have a few days, right? And who needs to finish up the paying work?

Hell, I mean dance class starts up again tomorrow night - two nights a week for the rest of July. Darn the kid for being a responsible little dancer and signing up for the summer workshop. Maybe they got the air conditioning fixed and I can finish the shawl!

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Chris said...

I love being able to knit in a room tempered to hang meat. So necessary for all those sweaty dancers.
Ha! You went for 2 weeks without a dryer? Try a year and a half (and yet, he lives. Proof of my patience and fortitude). Gah! Stiff towels. The kid is right. Glad all turned out well in the fairly short term.
And the watered basement reminds me of trying to get to Rhinebeck last year. Reading you I now feel confidant that the curse has been lifted and moved on.