Sunday, July 30, 2006

Betwixt and Between

This is about as close to wool as I want to get these days - 96 degree weather stinks!

A shout out to a new member of the blogosphere - Spinneret What this woman does with fiber and a dyepot is unbelievable. We met a million years ago working backstage on some big-ass Broadway musical or another, and have managed to keep in touch over the years of mroe musicals, bad television series and period movies. The story of our last yarn adventure is posted on her brandy new blog - please go read it and tell her hello.

About the title of this post. I try not to go on and on about how wonderful my kid is. Few things in life are more irritating than trying not to let your eyes glaze over in the face of parental hyperbole. But I was watching her Saturday while we were on a recreational mall crawl, and something about the person who she is right now made me smile. Almost-ten is the age when you are trapped between pre-teen madness and real childhood days. So there was my beautiful girl swinging her packages as she walked down aisle at the mall - stuffed teddy bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop in one hand, DKNY sweater that she just couldn't be without for her back-to- school wardrobe in the other. I know the teeter totter is going to permanently land her in big kid land really soon. I just hope she takes the bear with her.

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trek said...

Our minivan's thermometer cranked up to 101°F today. ;o(