Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Long distance cousins

My Cherry Tree Hill socks are done. Colorway is Old Rose, pattern is Garter Stitch Rib from Sensational Socks, done on size 1 DPNs. The leg is 5.5" (I don't love long socks) and there is a bucket of yarn left over, even with my size 9 feet.

I love them - they are soft and comfy, didn't pool wildly, and fit extremely well.I also really like this heel. I am a heel flap kind of girl, but instead of my normal slip stitching up the side, this pattern called for a three stitch wide garter stitch border on each side of the flap. You then pick up the gusset stitches at each garter stitch ridge. I LOVE how this looks - the gussets are very neat and tidy.

As to the title of this post - if you have a minute, click over to Kim Werker's blog at the fabulous

Kim is the author of Teach Yourself Visually Crochet, and the upcoming Get Hooked! (due out in August), as well as the editor of the coolest crochet site on the internet. We met via email and telephone a few weeks back when I was interviewing her for an article I was writing about the future of crochet. Although she lives a jillion miles away from me, she was working on a photo shoot about a half an hour up the road last week, so I ran over and took her out for tea. I had the socks in my knitting bag. Kim was working on a pair of knitted socks as well - in the exact same colorway! So the socks posed together in the front seat of my messy van, and Kim's blog post has the photographic evidence.

If you happen to crochet (and I do), take a few minutes to poke around the rest of the CrochetMe site too - there is a forum, and some really great patterns.

I am off to write a profile of the lovely and talented Melissa Leapman. One of the coolest things about my job is all of the interesting fiber folks I get to meet.

This post was edited to fix the bonehead mistake I made earlier by calling Kim Werker's fabulous book by the wrong title! Fixed now and sorry Kim!


trek said...

Gorgeous socks, MB, and great colorway! Make a pair of footies to match!

aija said...

Very nice! I like those garter borders on heels, too.

Kim Werker said...

Hey, MBT! Your socks look fantastic. I'll have finished ones to show off in a year or two, I'm sure.

(PS Hooked on Crochet is a fab book by Candi Jensen. Mine's Get Hooked :)

Areli said...

Lovely sock. They look nice and comfy.

Esther said...

These socks are beautiful!!! I am going to go home and pull out that book and give these a try. I love the garter stitch edging on the heel!!

Batty said...

Those are great socks. I love the colors, and I like the garter borders on the heels.

I also liked the story attached to them. Two people meeting for a completely different reason, only to discover they've been knitting the same socks at the same time -- in the same color! Now that's wild!

lexa said...

Perfect heels! I haven't tried the garter stitch border yet, but I plan on!