Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a small world after all...

Okay, no pix today, but I thought this was a funny story to share with you guys.

I belong to an online writer's forum, and I have met a very nice woman there and in real life. We have kids the same age, live sort of near each other, even met for lunch once. She posts on the forum today about her father, the actor, being on the Tony Award telecast last night. And I look a little closer at his name and realize he starred in the show that was my first professional stage crew job in 1983! For those of you who don't know, I made my living doing stage management and wardrobe for many, many years before I started writing full time. I emailed her just to double check - the show was a flop and doesn't show up on his resume anymore (for good reason) and yup - her dad is the nice guy I remember from 1983. REALLY small world!

And no knitting time to speak of - work work workety work (not that I will complain when the checks come in). And I did get to have some fun on Saturday - the Kid's dance competition was 10 minutes from one of our favorite beach towns so we skedaddled over there as soon as she was finished dancing. Sun, sand, cheese fries, ski-ball and water shooting games - we did the whole nine yards. Even hit the bumper cars and the Himalaya - perfect day!

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