Saturday, June 17, 2006

Excuse me...urp... stash threw up!

I had the crazy idea this morning that I would re-arrange some furniture, clean my room and the kid's, put away some errant yarn, and THIS is what happened.

I couldn't open just one of the storage boxes to put the yarn away, because there was yarn that belonged to each of the boxed categories. Then of course, there was more yarn than I remembered. So I ran out of room in some of the boxes and just started stuffing wool wherever it would fit. The only empty box is the one marked "Finished items, Holiday and Dulaan" because Dulaan just shipped, and I am nowhere near organized enough to have started my Christmas knitting for 2006. And I STILL haven't found the sock yarn I was looking for that someone wants to swap for! It must be hiding somewhere else, although I did discover I have enough yarn in the sock yarn box alone for 16 adult sized pairs of socks.

Speaking of knitting - there isn't much. I have been up to my elbows in freelance work so haven't finished anything in weeks. Although sorting through the stash this morning made me want to start umpteen things, so maybe soon... and I am almost finished the Cherry Tree Hill socks, edging closer towards the second toe. Then I will cast on my Trekking socks for the Trek Along. I have decided on color number 120, though still not sure what pattern.

Happy Father's Day to those of you who are so inclined, I just had to cancel dinner with my Dad because my car has broken down for the second time in as many weeks. Sigh...there goes the yarn budget!


trek said...

Quick! Get out the Eucalan and clean up that mess! :o)

Only 16 pairs of socks, huh?

Kelly said...

Wow. I am in shock, awe, and envy of your stash, even if it has thrown up ;).