Sunday, May 07, 2006

Prisoner 618

I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and I fell in love... Caged angora bunny number 618 (the breeders don't name the ones they plan on selling, which makes perfect sense). I had never succumbed to bunny lust before. Sure, I saw the angoras here and there, but I never had a burning desire to own one, until this little furball was handed to me.Her soft hair, intelligent blue-gray eyes, the fact that she snuggled on contact - it was VERY HARD to put her back in her cage. But I did. I had a very meager budget this weekend and she would have blown it. I was hoping when we went back by that booth at the end of the day I would be told she had gone to a happy home, but sadly she was still sitting there - looking at me with longing eyes. I called home to see if any checks had arrived in the mail - and one had. Better sense prevailed however and I left her with the breeder, but I am sure she will find a home today.

Bunny number 618 - I will never forget you!

Having spent $67 on gas for the van to get there and back, I really couldn't go crazy with the fiber purchases. But I had a great time looking at everything, and a few things made their way back to my house. Here is BB with the haul...

The purple and pink yarn is for the Kid - her two favorite colors - how could I resist? She might weave with it, she might pet it, or she might use it in the little horse shaped spool knitter I bought her, but it is definitely hers. Next to that is some very inexpensive sock yarn, also from Little Barn. If you haven't seen these guys, keep an eye out the next time you are a fiber fest. Not the greatest yarn in the world but close to the cheapest! That skein has well over 400 yards and was $3.95 - wool/cotton/nylon. The purple/pink wool was about $5.00 and is a worsted weight. But my real treasure is here -
Suri Alpaca Bulky in the Barnegat colorway from Autumn House Farm in Pennsylvania. Butter soft, and a bargain at $12 for 110 yards. They only had three skeins in that colorway so that is all I got, but I want to make a scarf or small shawl out of it, then never take it off. I am thinking maybe some entrelac.

I also bought a skein of wool/mohair hadnspun for the Kid's Girl Scout Troop leader, who was stuck camping with 100 tween girls while I was skipping amongst the fiber. Small consolation I suppose, but she was pleased with the gift (or said she would be as soon as she got a shower and a nap!).

How many months until Rhinebeck?


Amy said...

Ooo, that bulky alpaca is gorgeous...I bet it would look great in entrelac!

Stephanie said...

Five. Five months. And I'm already excited.

aija said...

What a sweetie bunny! I'm sure she'll find a wonderful home.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Oh what cute little girl! The little angora would have been in my home with my other buns if I could.

trek said...

I discovered that the stage they all meant was by the main exhibition hall. I
was up at the performing stage for a bit thinking that was the spot but then
got a call from my peep, J, who directed me to the right place.

Sorry to have missed ya - good yarn pr*n pics. Did
you see my cute little bags? I arranged three swaps while at MSW!! How cool
is that?