Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just a quickie...

Wonder what kind of Google clicks THAT title will bring me...

Kid had a dance competition out of state on Sunday, and my parents and both sisters came too. They were thrilled to see her dance, but in all of the excitement she turned her ankle in her first event and the poor thing was miserable for the rest of the day because her ankle really hurt. That and new hard shoes - yuk. But she did manage to come home with a third place trophy in one dance (slip jig, for my dancer/readers), so she was happy to have been rewarded for trying her best. And a lot of ice is helping with the rest.

I always take knitting when visiting the family of origin, it gives me something to do other than grit my teeth... so on Saturday night I made a Cloud Hat for Dulaan -
Patons Divine in baby pink, paired with some acrylic pastel worsted weight that was laying around. I was feeling particularly pleased with this combo, A) because it is pretty, and B) because the variegated was actually leftover from a Project Linus blanket I did last year so I was feeling very thrifty. Two charity projects from one pile of cheap-ass yarn!
BB quite likes the hat, and is also showing off a basketweave scarf I found at the bottom of the WIP pile and finished off on Sunday. The dark blue is leftover from a pair of mittens that are already in the Dulaan box, the lighter blue is some Bernat Chunky that I picked up on sale. No leftovers - I knit until there was no more! Ten items in the Dulaan box now, and hopefully a few more will be finished by the time I have to put it in the mail.

Nothing else exciting going on - the never ending soapstone book is still toodling along, as are two more book proposals, a home tour article, an article on crochet (so sue me!!!), one on country collectibles, and a small business piece. If I can get everything finished on time (when all I really want to do is sit in a corner and knit) it will be a good month for me. I am feeling the need to succumb to a new pair of socks, but thus far the looming shipping deadline for Dulaan makes me feel guilty if I work on anything not destined for small freezing people in Mongolia.

Oh - and the mater LOVED the Cable Footies - I sewed on the Jiffy Grip in her living room and she petted them the rest of the night.

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