Friday, May 05, 2006

I Can Rationalize Anything!

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Here I COME!

Should I be making this 200 mile trip when gas is $3 a gallon? Nope. Should I be going to a fiber fest when I have no cash to speak of? Nope. Am I going anyway? YUP!

The kid is going to Girl Scout camp and I have the weekend to myself. Middle Sister lives in DE, about an hour and a half from West Friendship, MD, so I am going to go there tonight and sleep at her house, then get a reasonably early start in the morning and pet fiber all day. Crash at her house Saturday night, then get home in the early afternoon Sunday to drag my child from the camp bus where she will be a puddle after two nights of too much sugar and too little sleep.

Yay for all of us! Photos on Monday.

Off to look under the couch cushions for spare quarters...

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trek said...

See you at the stage at 1:30?