Friday, May 26, 2006

The computer ate my homework...

Why is there a picture of alpacas on this post? Because this blog is called The Alpaca Addict, and I just couldn't bear to put up another post with no photos.

Why are there no knitting photos? Because I haven't had time to knit! So look at the cute alpacas and then you can read the rest of the post.

I finished the financing for home improvement article and hit send, so that was good. I figured since I am about a year behind on updates on the AIA Knitting Site that I would be a good little freelancer and work on that this afternoon. I wrote a really great article about sock knitting, which you will never see. Why will you never see it? Because the CMS program ate it, I didn't have it backed-up anywhere else, and I am now too depressed to go write it again. Maybe tomorrow, sigh....

Still having fun with the crochet piece - I got so stirred up I went and joined the Crochet Guild of America. I blame Lily Chin - I interviewed her on Monday and she got me so happy about crochet I had to go dig my hooks out of the back of the stash closet. Sadly I have to stop interviewing fun people and go write the darn thing now or no one will pay me. Sigh... again.

Free long weekend (if you don't count all the work piling up). No feisanna with the kid, no school projects, and I already cleaned the living room. Maybe I can get back to the CTH socks that haunt my dreams.

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