Monday, May 15, 2006


Greetings and welcome to the world Rosie Toes! Rosie Toes is made from the Blue Sky Alpaca pattern called Baby Bobbi Bear, but the Kid calls her Rosie Toes because she is pink, and it just sounds like a good name for a bear.

The Kid served Rosie her breakfast of berries and honey in the living room on Saturday shortly before we had to go out. I still get a kick out of how attached K is to her animals (at the advanced age of 9) and I know it won't last much longer.

Yarn was Jaeger Chamonix (bulky cabled yarn, 50% merino 50% angora) which was leftover from The Throw That Ate New Jersey. Rosie is SO SOFT and squishable, and I thought the pattern was a very easy knit - finished her in about three evenings of television viewing.

Don't you just love/hate May when the tv shows you like finally get great because of sweeps, then they are abruptly over?

Off to count the minutes until the Grey's Anatomy season finale. If the president's speech runs over and puts off the start, he is going to drop like a rock in the polls tomorrow and would probably never know why.


Brittany said...

The bow is too cute! Love it!

trek said...

Oh, how sweet!