Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SO much fun!

No pics yet but I had to write about what a great time I had last night hearing the Yarn Harlot in her own voice. As nervous as she often admits to being in her blog posts, not a bit of that shows - she is a polished speaker, equally interesting whether telling stories you know are part of her usual speech, or doing an improvisation based on an event in her never-dull life.

And she has a beautiful speaking voice, which I am an unholy snot about, having taught drama to high schoolers for so many years. No ums, no ahs, no high pitched nasal whining, I could listen to her read a cookbook. If you have a chance to see her, do it. You will laugh until tears roll dowm your face and into your knitting.

I have to admit I was a big old geek right through the evening. The good news was I was in a whole room full of knitting geeks so I didn't feel bad. I wore the Clapotis which several people fondled, much to my delight. I knit the right front of the color block cardi for Dulaan while I was there (let's hear it for bulky weight stockinette for little people) and loaned Stephanie my straight needles and some yarn for an impromptu demo of her production knitting technique. Damn that woman is fast! Everyone waiting in line for signed books passed around my copy of One Skein - you think Interweave will give me a commission? And I met some wonderful folks, some I knew from cyberspace and didn't even know they were in the room! Hi Trek and Stacey!

Got my book signed even as library security inched politely closer, hoping we would leave so he could lock the doors behind us. And walked the exhausted Harlot to her car door, even though I knew I should go away and leave her be, because I was having so much fun dishing publishing with her. So I feel a little bad about being a needy stalker type, but hopefully she will forgive me. Although perhaps she is eternally grateful that she lives many miles away...

Anyway - go check her blog for her road trip destinations - it is well worth the time to see her live and in person (and the Olympic sweater in real life is even more impressive than it was in cyber-space if you can imagine that.)

/gushing post


Ina said...

*waving hi* It was so great to chat yesterday! A completely wonderful evening.

trek said...

It was amazing that she finished a sweater in 16 days (but to be honest - she is a knitting machine) but it is SO beautiful!

Waving to you from chez trek.

Anonymous said...

I live in NJ as well and was wondering if you could tell me what LYS is closing.


MBT said...

Waving to the other Harlot groupies!

The store closing is Handknits in Englewood (Bergen County) Not everything is on sale, but a lot of it is, at discounts from 20% off up to 60% off. Actual closing will be in Mid-May last I heard.