Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I have some good news...

But I know you only read the posts for the pictures, so I will lure you all into reading my happy news by putting the pictures farther down in the post....

I sold an essay to the Christian Science Monitor and that makes me very happy because A) it is a good-sized, reputable publication and B) I would much rather be paid for being my own quirky self in an essay than write one more word about dead standing spruce for my log home clients (not that I don't love them too).

Now you are rewarded with photos - a scarf for the Dulaan pile, just because I liked the yarn and found it on a sale table.

BB likes it too - but as you know, she just isn't that picky about knit wear!

There is something immensely gratifying about a one hour knit. I got the yarn, got to play with it, and by the time I might have gotten bored with garter stitch it was all over.

Speaking of yarn sales, I hit the Joan Vass sample sale in NYC because some clever woman on the Knitty Coffeeshop mentioned they were selling yarn as well as garment samples. I got a stash of tan and brown cotton/wool sock yarn, some red and black tweedy worsted, some pinky/peachy wool bulky, some red back and blobby wool bulky (prettier than that sounded!) and a good amount of Lane Borgosesia Hilton Print sock yarn. Two large shopping bags full of yarn for $60, working out to less that $1.50 a skein for really great stuff. It was a good day to be me!

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Zonda said...

love the cute!

Awesome deal on the yarns! WTG!