Friday, April 21, 2006

And a hat to go with!

On the one hand, I love leftovers because it is like free yarn - just little bits of possibility laying around. On the other hand, the laying around part can ge to be a problem around here. So last night I was gathering up the leftover bits of the color block cardi, and decided that rather than put them away and have to think about what to do with them, it would be easier to just use them up - so BB has a hat to model today. No pattern - just cast on 48 sts and did a 2 x 2 rib on 10.5 US DPNs until I ran out of blue, then increased 2 stitches and switched to the cream in stockinette, and did my normal hat decrease on a multiple of 5. I ran out before I expected to, thus the oatmeal I cord at the top! But now there is just a little oatmeal left, the blue and the cream are off to warm a freezing four year old in Mongolia.

Just noticed that ribbing looks kind of loosey goosey, but oh well. I had to stretch it a lot to get it on BB's fat head, hopefully it will look neater on an actual child! And as mentioned before, that yarn is so soft and warm, I don't think I will get complaints.

When I went up to put the sweater in the Dulaan box, I noticed there were a lot less FOs in there than I thought. Then I remembered - some went to Indiana last year when they were looking for sweater and scarf sets for tornado victims, a small stack went to a shelter in Vermont at Christmas, and the blankets that had been in there went to Project Linus. So I better get a move on and add to the pile, I think we have to ship those in late June.

Off the charity knitting trail, my mother has been hinting broadly that she wants some summer weight slippers. I made her a pair of merino Fuzzy Feet (from the pattern) and she looooooooves them. But you can't really wear wool in the summer, at least not in New Jersey. She doesn't hint for much, so I figured this was a command performance, but I couldn't figure out what pattern to use, or even what yarn since most of the cotton I had stashed was not so soft. Two skeins of Rowan Calmer to the rescue, in a deep cornflower blue. I went with the Cable Footie pattern from One Skein (my new favorite book of all time), and will add some Jiffy Grip soles to them when they are finished so Ma doesn't slip. They should be done soon, the kid has a dance competition tomorrow and if they are behind schedule as they so often are, that is some prime knitting time.

Special wave to all of your driving by from the Harlot's blog - thanks for dropping in! Come back again soon. And a big thank you to Stephanie for calling me 'engaging' rather than 'a needy stalker'!

Back to work on the never ending soap stone book, and a few more loggie sorts of things.


trek said...

Yeah, and I got to be "charming" despite the fact that I was the last one in line :o)

aija said...

What a sweet hat, and a great cause.

Esther said...

He absolutely needed a matching hat! Good job - it looks adorable.