Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The world gets smaller every day.

Haven't gotten much knitting done in the last week - I am the parent of a rabid step dancer which, during the week running up to St. Patrick's Day, feels a lot like being the parent of a cute elf during Christmas week must feel like. All that deedle-ee deedle-ee deedle-ee dee music is making my head pound. We marched in a parade on Sunday, and she is taking extra classes this week, and is doing demos at her school assembly on Friday.

Speaking of Friday - guess who got stuck stage managing the assembly? That would be me - all of the glamor days of working in television production coming back to bite me in the ass. I begged one of the other tv parents to help me out (he is a director but will run sound for me)((and that means parents who work in television, of which there are several in this neighborhood, not actors who play parents on tv))(((I have a parentheses problem today - will this bit of visual interest make up for the lack of photos?)))

So last night I am doing a late telephone interview for an article I am writing, with a very nice man who owns a sunroom company in Charlotte. Turns out he used to live nearby, turns out he used to work in tv production, turns out he used to work with the poor guy I roped into running the assembly with me and they haven't seen each other in 18 years! I mean, what are the odds of that happening? And what are the odds of all of that info coming out in the course of a twenty minute interview on marketing for sun room dealers? The global community indeed!

Anyway, I have to finish the sunroom article and get ready for school assembly dress rehearsal tonight. The kid is doing two very short numbers, the rest of the entertainment is being provided by the Latin American Club, the Korean Students Club, the Japanese Students Club, and Some Morally Upright Club That I Have No Idea What It Is For Club. Note that there is no Vaguely Irish Students Club, just the poor kid out there on her own. Not that she really minds, she never has been one to want to share the stage.

Deedle-ee deedle-ee deedle-ee deeeeeeeee

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