Monday, March 06, 2006

Photo starved

I haven't been able to finish a darn thing in the last week, thus the lack of photos. But I hate not posting for a whole week so here we go anyway.

I picked up a photo shoot on Friday which was a lot of fun - three models I have worked with before, and five contest winners who were having a blast with all the clothes and lights and general tedium that is a fashion shoot for a major magazine. I only have one or two clients left from my wardrobe days, but I still work as a set tailor with this one mag because I enjoy them and the pay is decent. While I was kept busy wrangling, I didn't have to drag out the sewing machine and do any major alterations which was nice, and it is a stylist I find very calm and collected to work with which is nice, and somewhat of an anomaly.

And if I haven't mentioned it before, the kid is a pretty serious Irish step dancer. So this past weekend (like the two previous weekends) she had a feis, which is Gaelic for festival, and in the NYC area often translates to 'blood thirsty competition from hell'. Not that there is mean-ness - it is more like an athletic event than a beauty pageant (although with the wigs and the shoes and the fancy dresses it would be easy to make that mistake). But there are often close to one thousand competitors (mostly girls) divided by age and experience, fighting for a limited number of prizes. K had 27 girls in her division this weekend which is sort of a lot, but consistent with what we have seen since this season started last month. She pulled out two third place finishes out of four events despite the beginnings of a cold, so while it wasn't as strong a finish as she had hoped for, she really wasn't feeling as good as she usually does. Thankfully we have the next two weekends off, but when she comes back from that she will be competing five events instead of four, and in a higher experience level than ever before. She started this season with a burning desire to qualify for national competition within two years (a HUGE goal for a 9 year old) and will make it or die trying. Me - thank God I was a dresser before as my job is to iron and curl and pin and polish. Oh and drive - lots and lots of driving.

So I haven't finished a darn thing knit-wise, although I finally got to the decrease section on my clapotis. The last skein arrived so I had no excuse. I worked on that a bit during Oscar viewing last night and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. I also am fighting with a pair fo Jaywalkers - love the pattern, hate the yarn choice I made. They are much tighter than they should be, but instead of frogging half a sock (I hate to frog) I will hand them off to the kid - they will fit her just fine although they aren't her favorite color. She never says no to knitwear however, so I would rather they be worn that start over.

Off to interview sunroom manufacturers - the glamorous life of a freelancer!

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