Friday, March 10, 2006

BB has the Clap...

...otis. The Clapotis pattern from which I love, but which has been spreading like ... well... a disease.

Here she is in all two trillion stitches. Yarn is Cameo 100% rayon by Wool in the Woods, colorway is Napa Valley. I used almost 4 skeins and it is really long because I am 5'10" and I always think short scarves look dorky on me. Could maybe have gotten away with three skeins, which is of course all I bought when I bought this yarn at an LYS over two hours from my house. They were very nice though and mailed me the fourth skein.

Love this yarn, love this pattern. I took a subversive glee in dropping the stitches ON PURPOSE. You know, not that I would ever accidentally drop a stitch - not me. The kid liked the stitch dropping too, and came and peered at it every time I was letting one rip.

I want to make something else out of this yarn - I just love it. Love how it handles, love the color shift, love the colors. Feel free to leave pattern suggestions (if you have any) in the comments.

Still trying to make myself finish the Ugg booties that I knitted up weeks ago. Love the knitting, hate the finishing, which actually takes longer if you embroider the little furry lines of Plush.

And I knit a thick ol' garter stitch scarf for the Dulaan pile last night, will post pix after I block the heck out of it - it is a little too short but I can fix that!

Seven weeks until my favorite LYS shuts its doors, boo-hoo. Where will I go to SnB??? But the sales.... oh the sales....

On a non-knitting note, I had the good fortune to interview former Seattle Mariner pitcher Norm Charlton for an article about his vacation home. The house is gorgeous, and both he and his wife were wonderful interviews.

And I got the funniest email today. I mentioned before (and will probably mention it again because I think it is way cool) that Threads magazine is running an essay I wrote in the issue that hits the newsstands next week (#126 I think). The essay is about how hard it was to retire my ancient sewing machine that had traveled the world with me when I was doing wardrobe on the road. At the very end of the piece, I mentioned that I bought a shiny new Janome machine - and the Janome office sent me an email today saying that they loved the essay, and wishing me many years of happiness with my new metallic companion. Isn't that cool? I love this whole 'getting email because of an article' thing. No one really writes me when I write about cool houses, or home maintenance, because the info is the key, not my voice as a writer. I can't wait to see what happens when the magazine is actually available to the public.

Happy weekend all.


Zonda said...

Wow! That is beautiful and I love the colorway! Great job! :)

bethe said...

That came out great! I love the colors =)

Stephanie said...

Very nice clap! hahahahahaha

Areli said...

Beautiful clapotis, such pretty colors! The bear looks pretty happy in it.

MBT said...

The bear looks pretty happy generally I have noticed :-)

Thanks for all the complements!