Monday, February 13, 2006

The throw that ate NJ...

Is finally finished - well except for a few ends that I have to sew in, but it has been so cold here recently I have been cuddling up under it and weaving in any ends I can reach without getting out from under it. You are looking at just over half of it, the blue stripe at the top of the photo is the center, and the colors mirror back down to the other edge.

The yarn is five shades of Jaeger Chamonix that I snagged when it was discontinued and my LYS was selling out the end of their stock at 50% off. It is 50% angora, 50% merino and so so so soft and warm. The dark brown in between is.... I have no idea what that is. It was a merino/acrylic blend that I got because the color worked. The pattern is adapted from the lap throw in Weekend Knitting. I cast on 164 stitches on size 13 needles, and made the stripes 5" long instead of the recommended 4". Total brainless knitting for in front of the tv, which was great, although being chunky weight yarn it very quickly became too large to be portable. I love it though, and am glad it is finally done.
Need some more brainless knitting soon - everything I have on the needles now requires thought processes to be fully functional!

And a little yarn prOn. Despite the snow, I hit two new-to-me yarn stores in Camden County New Jersey when I was visiting my mother this weekend. On the left, some Cameo rayon by Wool in the Woods that wants to be a clapotis when it grows up. I may cast that on tonight as a matter of fact, but am also feeling like I have been neglecting my charity knitting lately so I may do a Dulaan hat first.

On the right, 5 bitty skeins of Koigu endlots scarfed up from WoolPlay in Haddonfield. I LOVED this store - the owner-designed mitered knit jacket on the wall stopped me dead in my tracks with yarn lust. These Koigu skeins are endlots and priced accordingly. I haven't bought a lot of Koigu because I didn't have a project in mind for it, but picked up three coordinating shades in these small skeins and am going to attempt mitered knitting by doing the scarf in Knitted Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves by Nancie M. Wiseman. If I need more yardage I can just add more colors, but it was fun to get a bunch of shades without making a major investment.

Should be writing right now but feel like I want a snow day too! We had close to two feet - the kid was thrilled to be off from school but Cinderella puppy isn't amused - that is WAY over her head!

I also finished a One Skein Wonder over the weekend for the kid - BB has graciously agreed to model it so I will post pix by the end of the week. What would Addicted to Alpaca do without BB?


Rain said...

It looks great and very warm. Great idea with the ends.

Bonnie said...

I love the throw. Really lovely colors. And now you'll be toasty all winter long!