Thursday, February 02, 2006

Socks and Swaps

I love to knit socks! I especially like to knit socks for the kid because she is A) very appreciative of fine handknits and B) her feet are WAY shorter than mine!

These are made out of Kroy in some flavor or another - I got the yarn in a trade for the leftovers from the Fiamma hoodie. Yes, I know that one sock looks longer, but as it happens one of her feet is almost a full half-size larger than the other so there you have it. Another joy of kid socks - custom fit!

I love swapping yarn and books and patterns almost as much as I love knitting socks. It is also a fine thing that I started swapping because whenever the husband sees yarn he has never seen before and asks me where it came from, I can alternate the reply "stash" with the reply "swap" so that neither one is used often enough to be suspicious sounding. Rarely do I say "I got bored and went to The Stitchery", although often that IS where the new yarn came from. I also got three skeins of sari silk in the mail this week from a swap. I had to part with one of my precious Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns to get it, but it was worth it - it is really lovely. It is going to be a purse when it grows up.

Cinderella Puppy wasn't feeling so hot this week - I won't go into detail as it was poop related but a day at the vet's (and $300 worth of lab work) later she is in much better shape than she was yesterday. The poor little thing is so skinny though, she looks like an ad for a dog shelter for abused animals. But I know she is feeling better because she barked at the mailman today - yesterday she couldn't be bothered.

I have to go buy some yarn for knitted hedgehogs! Apparently one of the kid's friends who is having a birthday party soon collects hedgehogs, and there is a very cool free knitted hedgehog pattern on the internet. What did we do before the internet? And who knew that knowing where this knitted hedgehog pattern is was going to come in so handy? At least is isn't another blue poncho...

Thanks to all of you Red Scarf operatives - I am still waiting to hear from Interweave what the grand total was, although Norma got a preliminary count on her blog.

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lexa said...

Like the colors - I have two small boys. Kids socks do go wonderfully fast!