Friday, February 03, 2006

I love this yarn!

This is totally not the sort of thing I ever buy, until the day that I did. I was browsing at Knitting Nation in Nyack, NY a few weeks ago (well actually I was interviewing the owner for a magazine article I was writing - MAN do I have to stop doing yarn store interviews in person, I spend more than I get paid!), and I saw this scarf hanging up. And I fell in love - it has all of my colors in it, and is a shape I would actually wear. So I bought two skeins and went to town. In the photo above the right hand skein is almost finished, but I thought the yarn looked nice on the white cone so I went to town.
Here is the fabric the yarn produces when knit in garter stitch on size 10.5 US needles. I love how the little tufts are two colored and look like flowers.
So of course BB had to try it on....

But I did manage to get it back from her - just barely (or should that be bearly? OK - bad pun, but it's Friday afternoon and I can't get my brain to work anymore).

I don't know why I found this particular scarf to be so appealing, but I did. Do you ever just fall in love with a project for no reason? I couldn't get a photo of the whole scarf but it is loooooong and slightly crescent shaped - fattest in the middle tapering down to nothing on both ends.

For the knit-pickers among you here is all the info on the yarn Diakeito brand, Diamist F-Mole is the yarn name. 94 yards per skein, 62% acrylic, 28% viscose, color number is 621 (but they had other cool colors too). Finished the scarf in two evenings of brainless tv watching.

No posts until Tuesday - book deadline is Monday and I should just make it by the skin of my teeth. Wish me luck at the editorial meeting - I am delivering the (hopefully) final draft of one book and the first draft of the next, provided my head doesn't explode between now and ten.

Happy weekend!


lexa said...

That is very funky yarn indeed!

kmh511 said...

I love it! Do you have the pattern?