Friday, February 17, 2006

D is for Dulaan

I know, Norma already did D is for Dulaan, but it works for me too - plus I have BB modeling this very stylish Dulaan hat that I whipped out yesterday, and pictures are always good!

For those of you who are unaware, the Dulaan Project collects hand knit items and sends them once a year to Mongolia, where they are given out to those in need. For more information, click the link on my sidebar.

I love knitting for charity in general, but I am really fond of knitting for Dulaan. With the cold weather of Mongolian winters reaching low temperatures that I can only imagine, it is hard to think of a place that woolen knitwear would be more appreciated. I also like being clever with leftovers and scraps to make up colorful items - I love the idea of turning scraps into much-needed warmth. Since the charity benefits all sizes and shapes of people, pretty much whatever you can turn out will wind up somewhere useful.

The hat above was wildly adapted from a pattern at (number 4 - Spiral Hat Pattern). If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will notice the leftovers from the Gryfindor Fuzzy Feet and the Hot Pink Fuzzy Feet, and if you swap with me on the KnittyBoard, you may see some of your scrap there too! I used 6 colors of wool - 5 leftovers and half a ball of black Patons Classic Merino to hold it all together. It worked up very quickly and took longer to weave all the ends in that it did to knit the main section! I am now working on a coordinating scarf to throw in the growing pile of Mongolia bound goodies. Shipping date is in July, so if you have any interest in knitting along with me - no deadline pressure.

And last, for your viewing pleasure - Cinderella thinks the Throw That Ate New Jersey was made just for her. Note that not only is she not supposed to be on this blanket, she is not supposed to be on this CHAIR because it is leather and I don't want claw marks. She looks terrified, doesn't she? I know, not really, but she does have the good grace to jump off the chair whenever I come in the room and nonchalantly stroll over to her bed, and pretend she wasn't up there.

I can still tell though - the blanket is warm when I pick it up, and never where I left it. And she doesn't jump that fast - she is just humoring me and wants me to know it.

I promise this won't become a blog full of cutesy animal pictures, but because so many folks commented on how nice the throw is, I thought you would be amused to see who likes it best!


Norma said...

The hat is adorable. Tonight's my Dulaan night. Guess I should pull out some scraps. I've been thinking about what to do all week, and I've got two skeins of Lopi Light. I just can't make myself torture a young person with that scratchy stuff against their skin, so I was thinking of doing a hat within a hat -- the Lopi, with a lining of soft acrylic.

MBT said...

I bought a yard of that soft fleece a while back for Dulaan hats and have been going to town with it for linings. I also used it in a hat that was soft enough, but a little too loosey goosey gauge wise.

Tonight I wound up casting on for Clapotis - I am turning into such a joiner - peer pressure knitting!