Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Watched-for UPS Truck Never Comes

So there I was, New Year's Eve, everyone on tv is doing the ten second countdown to the New Year, and I am mentally doing the ten second countdown to the online sale at Cherry Tree Hill which started one minute into 2006. Well, rumor has it it started a little before that, but I digress. So my very first action of 2006 was to buy yarn. But it was CTH, and it was on sale, and it was grab bags which I love! So there! I have often heard that you continue a new year in the way in which you began it, so I guess now we all know I will be buying a lot of yarn this year. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, I was feeling pretty strongly that my package would come today, and yet I am empty-handed and cranky about it. Harrumph.

So to wrap up the hanging end from '05 - what ever happened to that felted New Zealand sweater? In short, it was pretty dissapointing. I new I would lose the stitch definition, but I lost a lot of color definition too - the diagonal stripes have pretty much gone away. Ah well, I will still make a bag out of it one of these days, after all, you can't really un-felt it.

Going to try and make it to the local SnB tonight, I rarely get to go as the kid is home and her father works Thursday nights. But he doesn't go back to work until tomorrow so if her homework load isn't deep I will sneak out and go. Trying to decide which throw pattern to use on my gazillion yards of Chamonix, which I got at this very LYS when it was on half price sale. Half Alpaca, Half Merino, All Yum! I am down to two patterns, and maybe I will do gauge swatches tonight, which are much more fun to do with people to chat with.

I have also been spinning silk hankies - way cool. I know I promised pictures, but...ummm....didn't get to dowload them yet. I know, bad blogger, bad!

Off to get the kid from her playdate and try and rush her through her homework so I can go out! Silk pix tomorrow. Pinkie Swear...

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