Thursday, January 26, 2006

Show and tell at the mall

No pics today - sorry, but if I wait until I have great photos I will only be able to post twice a month!

The kid and I had a very nice afternoon of what we call recreational shopping yesterday - there were a few things we sort of needed, no emergencies, but enough to get some cash out of the bank and hit the mall without guilt.

Her store of choice is Build-A-Bear, where there was some discussion about whether she should get the '06 valentine bear or the newly released cow (bear won - it will be off the shelves after 2/14 and the cow will be around for a while - one has to think long term with one's collection!). MY store of choice was J. Jill because there was a fabulous sale. The kid likes it fine there, there is a sofa for her to sit on and when I can't decide which piece I want to buy, she chooses for me (get the blue one Mom, not the purple). I also stop in there often enough that I have a passing acquaintance with many of the women who work there, which is very nice.

Last night no one I knew was working, so I was being assisted by a stranger. And I know she meant well, but she kept trying to show me things I had already passed over, kept hauling things to the dressing room, like she had taken a class in increasing customer's purchases and was working way too hard at it. And again, not too obnoxious, but enough that my teeth were a little on edge. So I got a pair of jeans, a sweater (the blue one, Mom!), and a black jacket, then ordered a sale pair of pants (I need talls) from the web site in the store so I could get the mark down price

After all of this madness, the woman still insists of trying to sell me socks because they are on sale. To head this off at the pass I said, "That's okay, if I want more colorful socks I will just knit my own." To which the rest of the sales staff reacted with, shall I say, disbelief. So I pulled up the hem of my jeans and showed off my pretty Sockotta socks in gren, blue and purple. There was a moment of stunned silence, then everyone in the store had to come pet my socks - it was pretty funny!

The kid rolled her eyes, she has been through this knitting frenzy before, but then came over and showed off the sparkly hat she had in her coat pocket, which was oohed and aahed over by all concerned. And while I love being a roving knitting ambassador, all I wanted at this point was my charge receipt to we could move on - there was a salad bar waiting and spelling homework yet to be done!

The stuttering poncho is almost finished thank God, and I told the kid if anyone else in her class wants one for her birthday they have to pick a different color - how boring is it to make not only the same pattern twice in a month, but also use the same colorways?

Just hit an online sock yarn sale pretty hard - I think socks will be next after I finish the throw, which is so close to finished I can almost taste it. And the red scarf, after a nice bath, smells MUCH better and is going in the mail today!

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