Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Red Scarf Project

Who knew one little email from Interweave Knits would start off this wonderful chain reaction on the internet?

Since I review IK books for my knitting web site, I am on their PR mailing list. Yesterday I got a quick note asking if I could help spread the word about The Red Scarf Project, in which IK, TNNA, and The Orphans Foundation of America have teamed up to try and get 2,500 red handknit or handcrocheted scarves donated by 1/31/06 so they can be included in Valentine's Day care packages for students who have moved from foster care into college.

Did you know that only 18% of children raised in foster care even start college? And once they do they are pretty much on their own, they have "aged out" of the system.

Anyway, please, go knit or crochet a red scarf this weekend. It doesn't have to be a major work of lace-weight art, it just has to be warm and cozy. For those of us who were less than thrilled with the reception some of our handknit holiday gifts received - well can you imagine a more appreciative recipient for your knitted love than someone who isn't expecting it?

To asnwer the questions that everyone seems to have - it doesn't have to be red, but if it isn't, try to stick with strong, non-gender specific colors. You can drop off your finished scarf at any of the 400 plus Einstein Brothers Bagels shop locations - to find out where those are click on the link below. If you want to mail them, they go to

Orphan Foundation of America/Red Scarf Project
21351 Gentry Drive Suite 130
Sterling, VA 20166-8511

The deadline for mailing scarves is 1/28/06, the deadline for dropping off the scarves at Einstein is 1/31/06. The website says 1/20 - don't panic, that is incorrect.

On my own, I would also suggest sticking with superwash or other easy care fibers, in case it goes in the washing machine.

I am a crap blogger and not good at putting links, but here goes nothing.

For information about the Orphans Foundation
For Einstein Brothers locations , then click on the store locator button.
For quick info on my site -
For the full press release from Interweave

If you have any specific questions, email me and I will get an answer as soon as I can. And if you have a blog and have the interest, please mention this project to your readers.

So far the response to this has been amazing and very gratifying. Bloggers and blog readers alike are already knitting away for this project and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Thank you.

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