Monday, January 16, 2006

The Red Scarf Grows

Granted, neither of these pictures qualify as wonderful, but you can get the general gist. Photo on the left is good for color, photo on the right shows the pattern much better. Pattern is the Multi-Directional Ribbed Scarf from Magknits, yarn is Soft Tweed by Karabella - a superwash wool with a crimped texture, stops just short of boucle. Love the pattern - it looks complicated on the page because it has line by line directions, but it is working up very quickly, and after a few main section repeats you barely have to read the pattern at all. I will definitely be making this one up again, I think the thick texture might make it a good choice for Dulaan, and I want to experiment with changing colors every triangle or two. If that looks good, this would be a great stash-busting pattern, good for using all of those oddballs and bits I have put away for charity knitting.

Last night it was so cold on the first floor of my drafty old house that all I wanted to work on was the Chamonix throw! It is just over halfway finished, so by working on that I could keep my lap warm at the same time. Sunday night is my tv night - Desperate Housewives at 9 (unless there is something good on HBO, when Deadwood comes back it will be bye bye DH), and Gray's Anantomy at 10. I love GA, came late to the program but I am really enjoying it.

Today the houseguest goes home but the kid is off from school, so I think laundry is the order of the day. God knows there is enough of it to keep me busy in between bouts of fighting with a story I have due this week. I actually got a fair amount of work done in bits and pieces over the weekend. The good news about freelancing is that I can work from home, the bad news is I don't ever feel like I have a day off - there is always something I should be doing and since I do it here, I can't ever really walk away from it.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Norma said...

Mary Beth, did you say someone had designed a button for the Red Scarf Project?