Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Finished Red Scarf - yay!

I don't know why it is that I can't get a good picture of this scarf but trust me, it is lovely if I do say so myself.
Ah, apparently it just needed the right model! Here is the lovely and talented Barf Bear showing off our donation to the Red Scarf Project - the multi-directional rib scarf pattern from MagKnits, in Karabella Soft Tweed yarn.

It is nice and long at 65" by about6" wide. I loved the pattern and will definitely be making more of these. My only issue is the Soft Tweed - now that it is finished I am finding the scarf to be somewhat... fragrant, and I don't mean that in a good way. It smells sort of oily and not nice. I am hoping that this is just an excess of spinning oil from the manufacturing process, as soon as I can get BB to part with it I will give it a quick wash and block to see if that helps. I wouldn't want something that smells ever so faintly like a mechanic's garage near my face if it were me.

Color on Color (is it me or does that sound vaguely pornographic - "Triple XXX Color on Color action!!!!") got a little attention the other night after the red scarf had its ends woven in. I thought I had lost my mind - I was up to the fair isle section (section 11 for those of you playing along at home) and couldn't find color 662, which was next. I had to put it away for the night because it was aggravating me. Next morning, replete with coffee and sleep enhanced brain cells I went through the kajillion skeins of yarn and realized I had three skeins of 663 instead of three skeins of 662. No big, I subbed the color and no one will ever notice.

In other knitting news I cast on a Berocco Chinchilla poncho in the exact same colorway as the one I made for the kid. No, I was not stuttering, but the kid wants her very best friend to have a piece of matching clothing, and VBF apparently drools unattractively with poncho lust whenever the kid wears hers to school. VBF has a birthday coming up, thus another blue poncho. Sigh... but it will be good brainless knitting for sitting around at dance class this week.

Speaking of which, it is time to go to dance class!


Norma said...

Lovely scarf! I hope that mechanic's smell comes off, and I bet it will with a little wash. Red is SO hard to photograph digitally.

MBT said...

Thanks for that - let's blame the red instead of my sadly lacking camera skills!