Thursday, January 19, 2006

B is for....

B is for Barf Bear of course! She loves to appear on the blog, and now she has snagged my Color on Color scarf WIP to work on - it is currently just her size, although I hope that changes soon.

For those of you who have not heard the saga of how BB got her name - here is the abbreviated version. When the kid was 7 we flew to AZ on a vacation. Due to worries about getting stuffed animals through security with their dignity (and stuffing) intact this close to NYC, I asked the kid to leave her copious stuffed animal collection at home. After getting an ear infection on the plane and suffering projectile vomiting in the hotel from the prescribed meds (boy were we a hit with housekeeping...), her AZ auntie brought her this soft cushy bear to cuddle with. We keep saying she needs a better name but Barf Bear she was christened and Barf Bear she remains. She flew home unscathed, although my underwire bra got me pulled aside at the security lines!

And here is a somewhat better picture of the Color on Color (from Scarf Style) scarf. I was hallucinating when I thought this was a good idea to start right now, but am enjoying all of the different colors. In between the Red Scarf that is almost finished (I am sure BB will be coerced into modeling it before it goes in the mail), the Chamonix throw that is almost finished (knitted a lot on that while it was so cold earlier in the week - it is big enough to keep most of me warm while I knit feverishly on the top), and the Guinevere wrap that is pretty close to finished but I am bored with, C on C doesn't get much attention. But this too shall pass. Many more projects in the to-do pile as well - shame I have to work enough to support my yarn habit as that really interferes with my knitting time!

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Mary said...

That's my favorite scarf in Scarf Style -- I'm so glad to see someone knitting it! Can't wait to see the finished project! It's looking great thus far!

(Also love that yarn you spun -- the roving looks incredibly soft!)