Friday, December 16, 2005

Where did the week go?

It isn't like I haven't been knitting, I just haven't had ten uninterrupted minutes to sit and do a blog entry. I know you all hate the entries without photos... so here goes.
Fuzzy Feet the Fourth - hot pink for the kid. They also have little red hearts on the heel flap, but the photos didn't turn out well so you will have to use your imagination. The first thing she did after she told me how wonderful they were was fall down the steps, so I had to take them back and stitch on some Jiffy Grip.But she looooooooves them and puts them on right after school, which is very gratifying. She also wants another pair, but I keep telling her she has to wait until after the Christmas knitting is done. Speaking of Christmas knitting...

Skirt for the kid. Some furry nonsense she liked on the hem, balance is Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille in black. She loves skirts, this one is a surprise for Christmas.

And a distraction! When I swapped sock yarn with someone, she threw in a ball of this lavender lace weight from It just stared at me and begged to be cast on as something, anything. Not a ton of yardage, but should be enough for a scarf. I like the Branching Out pattern on, but it wasn't going to be wide enough to suit me - I hate narrow scarves. So I did a modification by repeating the lace chart a second time. Now there is a garter stitch band up each side and up the center. It may take me the rest of my life to finish, but I have banged out so much brainless knitting for gifts and for charity recently that I like having to concentrate a little bit.

Did I mention I got the 9 washcloths finished, finally? No photos, by the time I got to the last two they were coming off the needles and being dropped directly into the Priority Mail boxes! I already got two thank-yous though, so I know they are getting where they are supposed to.

One measly pair of fingerless gloves left on the Christmas knitting pile, then back to knitting some things for the kid and for me. She has four things she wants all lined up - a washcloth (sigh...), a hat, a skirt, and a sweater. For me - I have yarn picked out for two pairs of socks, a pair of fingerless gloves (I lost one of mine at Carnegie Hall last year and it never got found) and a wrap from Wrap Style. And I have this monster Vogue scarf that I started last year and got bored with that I truly ought to finish. And now I have the Branching Out to finish too. And I should start another Project Linus blankie, and have a few more pieces to do for Dulaan. Then there is the spinning... So I basically won't run out of projects to do in the near future.

Off to the Post Office to mail the last of the washcloths - paired up with glycerin soaps from The Body Shop and plunked in a pretty red and gold bag, they really do make impressive gifts.

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