Thursday, December 01, 2005

A moral dilemma

So here I am, way behind schedule on a project, and I finally schedule all day today to bang a big chunk of it out (it is mostly written, I am editing, formatting, etc.) Then, when making an unscheduled internet detour to the Knitty coffeeshop (darn you Crazy Aunt Purl for telling me about that big old wonderful time-sucker :-), I am reminded that the mondo Smiley's yarn sale in Manhattan is going on today.

I looooooooove that sale. I am pretty careful not to buy so much that the stash explodes, but they have some really great bargains there if you look carefully. And they don't take credit cards so I can't get in over my head. And it is only a 25 minute drive during the lunch hour, and they have parking. And I really want to go. But I really should be finishing up this project that is hanging over my head like a ton of bricks.

Which will win out - stash or story? I will have to decide by 11:30 AM EST or it won't work out with the kid's schedule, so I only have 2 hours to dither.

Check back tonight and I will let you know what I decided!

Tons of knitting accomplished this week but no photos yet. Someof the FOs were holiday gifts for the kid so I have to take some shots after she goes to bed tonight. 4 washcloths down, 5 to go, one more hat for the Knit Unto Others KAL finished, and a fabulous obnoxious fun fur scarf for the kid done. I am working on a skirt for her too, after hours. It is Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille so it is going very fast.

My sister hinted broadly that she would like to have an everyday scarf from me this year (but with some sparkles, blech), so I am going to give up on her fuzzy feet and do a scarf instead. So I just have one more pair to finish for the kid. I absolutely love my own fuzzy feet - I had changed the pattern to accomodate some skinny yarn so I have a bit too much cuff opening, but I am going to think of something clever to fix that. They are incredibly thick and soft and just putting them on makes me happy, so there is something to be said for splurging on the good yarn, even for fuzzy feet. Will stop by the LYS tonight and exchange the dark green Lamb's Pride for something a little more glam for the sister.

Anyway, if I am going to the yarn sale, I ought to get going and get at least a little work done on the story.


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