Monday, November 14, 2005

Photos, finally

So here are the promised photos - the chunky hooded sweater that the kid liked so much she wore it two days running - how is that for knitterly gratification? The front, she didn't want her face on the blog, and who could blame her? :-)
Fuzzy Feet Pair 2 - pre-felting. Just took them out of the washing machine and they felted beautifully, although as I said in a previous post, they do have a sort of Gryffindor air about them.
Jiffy Grip on the original pair of Feet -
And a close up - those dots look like they will work a good long time, although other's have been more creative with fabric paint!
That is it for photos today. Will post a picture of the new fuzzies when they have dried. I see a lot of traffic here coming from the Fuzzy Feet Knitalong page - thanks for dropping by!

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weaselrina said...

The feet looked great pre-felt! Can't wait to see em felted :)