Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Fuzzy Feet!

So I got carried away with the whole fuzzy feet idea since the first pair came out so nicely. I went to the fabric store and bought a sheet of Jiffy-Grip - white flannel fabric with rubber dots applied to it in nice even rows. The owner of my new favorite LYS says that she prefers the whole paint on the soles with fabric paint thing because it was more creative, but my theory is, when the Jiffy Grip wears out I can replace it quickly. And the extra layer of fabric might make the soles wear longer. I like to sew so no harm done there, I already added it to the finished pair, and put them in the "finished items for holiday giving" box.

While I was at the LYS I bought a few skeins of Lamb's Pride worsted for the next two folks on my list. My neighbor who saw and coveted the first pair I made is a sucker for reds and oranges, so I bought one of each to make her a pair of feet. Now that the first one is knit, they have a sort of Gryffindor air about them, but I am hoping that calms down a bit when they are felted, and if not, well she likes Harry Potter too. Then a pair for me, by gosh, probably out of the Patons I made the first pair out of (in the interest of using up some of what's laying in the stash). Then I got some hot pink Lamb's Pride for the kid.

I know, no photos today is boring, but I will try and do some tomorrow. Kid had a dance competition today at the crack of dawn, so she is recovering from an adrenaline hangover, and I am just plain tired. Tomorrow I want to finish up the edits on the last article I have with a November deadline (yay me!), and maybe work on the big holiday round-up article I am doing for the knitting web site.

Just wanted to say hello - I am pleased by how many readers I seem to have acquired recently - thanks for stopping by.

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