Monday, November 21, 2005

Compulsive Knitting

First, some photos of the blankie I finished for Project Linus, it was the Corner to Corner blanket from Storey's Knit Baby Blankets! book, in a variegated Red Heart yarn. Yeah, I know, Red Heart, but it was pretty and PL likes acrylic.

That one goes in the mail today, after I get back from seeing Harry Potter!

Here we have the cloud hat I mentioned for Dulaan, the largest fuzzy foot in the world (it's for me and I wanted it to felt to a thick fabric - made of a farm-raised mohair blend that I had in the stash, and the blue is Grace by Lorna's Laces), and the first of what I suspect will be many cotton chenille washcloths that I intend to give as gifts. The washcloth is Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, the pattern is a two-toned version of the washcloth pattern in Weekend Knitting. All of my friends with new babies, and the editors who gave me work, and the sources who went above and beyond the call of duty are getting these with bars of pretty soap for the holidays.

But now I have to do some actual work, I fooled around with yarn (or shopping for yarn) pretty much all weekend...well after I get back from the movie I will work....maybe....

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