Friday, October 28, 2005

Fuzzy Feet Knitalong

Knitalong.... knit-a-long....knit-along......anyone know the correct spelling of this word? IS there a correct spelling for this word? Is it a word?

Anyway, I am about to go where I have never gone before and try and post a little button goes....

Oh My Gosh - it works! I am so psyched! Maybe by the time this blog has an actual reader who isn't related to me I will know how to use all the clever little features!

Not much knitting news today other than finishing my first Fuzzy Foot. Can't wait to get the other one finished so I can try and felt them - never did that before.

I also need to make a Halloween costume for the kid. As usual I have all the supplies purchased, and it won't be ready until the last possible second. It doesn't even faze my daughter anymore, she just says "You will get it done in time, you always do." Nothing like unconditional faith.

I also have four articles to turn in on Tuesday of next week - did I mention I am a freelance writer? I hope my editors have the same unconditional faith in me that my daughter does.

Going to get some sleeeeeep, must not cast on second slipper, must not cast on second slipper, must not cast on ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


jessie said...

I linked to you through the fuzzy feetalong. The main reason I haven't joined yet is I don't know if I can remember how to make the button work. You've inspired me.

MBT said...

Gee thanks! Now, I have to figure out how to put the button on the sidebar so it can stay there forever.