Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Under huge deadline pressure at the moment, although I did get one of my four articles due this week submitted this morning, I finally decided to bag it all and take a break this afternoon. Lovely fall day, kid out looting and pillaging with the neighbors, I settled on my front porch with the second of my Fuzzy Feet to knit while handing out candy.

At which point the next-door neighbor's lawn service decided to start their ultra loud leaf blowers and shoot the whole mood. They blew some leaves onto my lawn, and in response to my raised eyebrow, came over to blow them off. Well my daughter had decorated the tree on the property line with orange streamers, and some other kids had added some local color in the form of good old TP. The poor clueless lawn service guy brought his BIG OL' leaf blower over, where it promptly sucked up half the streamers! It was like a three stooges movie - instead of breaking, the orange crepe paper streamer started to...well..ply itself! To those of you who also spin, it was way overspun, to those of you who don't, well it's still funny. So the longest orange streamer now twists itself into a rope of streamer, and won't break off. The lawn service guy is now in a mechanically fueled tug of war with my tree. I laughed so hard that tears almost came out, who new that crepe paper was that tenacious? Eventually the machine won, the streamer snapped, and the lawn service gave up trying to be nice and moved on to the backyard.

Less trick-or-treaters than usual tonight, I guess that fact that it is a school night for the first time in a few years cut way back on the foot traffic. The good news, or the bad news depending on how you look at it, is that I didn't run out of candy for a change. Must get it out of the house sometime tomorrow though, or the consequences could be dire.

I really did take the photos for the Fuzzy Feet tutorial, as well as visual proof that my stash is organized for the first time in years, but haven't downloaded them all yet. Pix tomorrow if I can figure out how!

Happy Halloween all!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fuzzy Feet Knitalong

Knitalong.... knit-a-long....knit-along......anyone know the correct spelling of this word? IS there a correct spelling for this word? Is it a word?

Anyway, I am about to go where I have never gone before and try and post a little button goes....

Oh My Gosh - it works! I am so psyched! Maybe by the time this blog has an actual reader who isn't related to me I will know how to use all the clever little features!

Not much knitting news today other than finishing my first Fuzzy Foot. Can't wait to get the other one finished so I can try and felt them - never did that before.

I also need to make a Halloween costume for the kid. As usual I have all the supplies purchased, and it won't be ready until the last possible second. It doesn't even faze my daughter anymore, she just says "You will get it done in time, you always do." Nothing like unconditional faith.

I also have four articles to turn in on Tuesday of next week - did I mention I am a freelance writer? I hope my editors have the same unconditional faith in me that my daughter does.

Going to get some sleeeeeep, must not cast on second slipper, must not cast on second slipper, must not cast on ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

FInished Objects

First, don't you just love how the Google ads work? Since this blog is called Addicted to Alpaca, the very first Google ad was about heroin addiction.

My knitting goal this weekend was to get some items finished, ANY items finished that were already on the needles. I had way too many things going, and when I fall into that habit, I tend to just spin my wheels and work a short amount of time on a lot of different projects, and nothing is ever finished. So I finished a very cool pair of socks (that are for me) knit using the Toes-Up Chevron sock pattern on, and a pair of chunky mittens for the Dulaan Project. For those of you who aren't already members of the Dulaan Brigade you can click here for more information It is a wonderful charity that gets hand-knit items onto the people who need them in Mongolia, where the temperatures can reach 40 degrees below zero in the harsh winters. That makes five items I have in my Dulaan box - three hats, a sweater vest, and now a pair of mittens. I took the leftover mitten yarn and mixed it wil some other leftover chunky yardage and am now working on a scarf for the box. I dug out a 7/8 finished sweater I made for my daughter last year, threw it on her to make sure it still fit (growth spurts are a bitch for distractable knitters!), and just have to sew on one sleeve and finish one side seam, then she can wear it.

So of course, since I felt all virtuous for finishing things, I am in a frenzy of casting on. The aforementioned scarf for Dulaan, a pair of baby booties for a friend who is due soon, and a pair of Fuzzy Feet because I am hopelessy devoted to the blog stylings of Crazy Aunt Purl - - and wanted to join her amorphous knit-along. Of course, there are still the leftover projects from last year that I never finished, a linen shawl, humoungous color-blocked garter stitch scarf (note to self, READ THE FINISHED DIMENSIONS BEFORE YOU START THINGS!), and the recently started tesselating fish afghan. Since I am afraid to turn my heat on as I can only imagine what the heating prices will be this season, maybe I should finish the afghan first.

Will load some photos of all of these goodies just as soon as I figure out how to do it with the Blogger software.

Have a great day, all...

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Like every other fiber obsessed person in the Northeast, I was at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival last weekend.

I bought a lot of fiber, a gorgeous hand-crafted drop spindle, and a rigid heddle loom for my daughter the aspiring weaver. The fiber was a wonderful thing, as were all the cute little cleaned-up-for-non-farming-human-consumption fiber producing animals. We were particularly fond of a lovely soft white llama named Irish Cream.

But what I liked best about the weekend was meeting so many interesting people that shared (to varying degrees) my obsession. One woman started a conversation with me while my daughter was shopping for roving at Spirit Trail (my daughter also got a drop spindle, for a nine year old with no discernable income, she sure did have a lot of packages when we left...) The woman said to me "I hope you know what you are doing, teaching your little girl to love fiber - it's a lifelong addiction!" It made me laugh (and caused my daughter to ask me what addiction meant) but I realized the woman was right - soon I would have to make room in the house for someone else's stash, when there was barely room for mine!

I think it is interesting that the language of illegal drugs is the language of choice for the knitters I knitter I know refers to fiber dealers who are great salespeople as pushers. I could quit any time I wanted to though - really I could. I have my habit completely under control....